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An Update

Hey! So, I know I said this website was built with Laravel (and it still is), but now I’ve got WordPress running on here too!

As you probably know, this domain is my playground for learning different technologies for web development. Well, I got bored one day and decided I wanted to check out how to host a podcast. My brief research into the idea led me to believe that using WordPress would be far easier for this task than coding it myself in Laravel.

Why WordPress? It’s quite simple, WordPress provided everything I was looking for: fast, easy, free. WordPress was fast and easy because it offers a variety of Plugins one can select from to suit one’s podcasting needs. Additionally, I can host the podcast for free on my current setup on InMotion (which probably isn’t advisable if you expect people to listen to your podcast, SoundCloud offers several hours of free hosting if you want to go that route). Also,  the WordPress plugin I used has a paid option for unlimited hosting if I decide my podcast is worth putting money into.

Once I set the framework for the podcast to exist, I needed to create an actual podcast. After contemplating this problem for a while, I decided to charge ahead and create the darn thing. To have a podcast, I needed to set up an RSS feed. This was easy, as the WordPress plugin handled all the details. All I had to do was check some boxes and enter some information about my imaginary podcast.

After filling out the required information, I kept on moving forward (without ever actually recording a single thing). If you want a successful podcast, you’re going to need to be on iTunes. So, this was my next task. Apple requires that you validate the RSS feed before submitting for review. I went to a third party site, tested my RSS feed with no issues and moved on to validating the feed.

This is when I realized to have a podcast, one must actually have a podcast. What I had up to this point was just an idea. So, I made a quick 10 second recording as a test and uploaded that as my first “episode”. Then I went through Apple to validate the feed and now I’ve got a podcast on iTunes.

My obvious next step is to record an actual podcast and test some things out, as I’ve changed my idea since I first started.

In preparation for this next step, I invested a little money (my state tax return finally came in, so I decided to by myself a gift). When I recorded the test audio to get the validation to work, I realized that my microphone was trash. Since my name is on this website, I want everything here to be at least decent, if not good or great. So, I want my imaginary podcast to not be awful. I want to make something that I would want to listen to. This led to me purchasing a Blue Snowball iCE microphone, a pop filter, and new headphones (it was a bundle on Amazon, and I had a gift card – winning!). In my initial testing, the microphone quality was quite the improvement.   

I’m going to record my first ever real episode later tonight once things quiet down at my place. It’ll be a new adventure using Audacity to edit the audio to try and make a “professional” podcast. There is a blog over on the WordPress side of the site that goes with the Podcast. I plan on using that blog to document my journey through hosting and creating a podcast from the very beginning.

In addition to messing around with the podcast, I’ve been playing with other WordPress features. WordPress also provides a variety of plugins that support photo galleries. I dabble in photography, so I decided to create a page to display some of my personal favorite photos. Again, this was incredibly easy and now my problem is creating quality content to display.

If you are interested in checking out the WordPress side of the site, you can access it by clicking podcast on the menu above.

Written on 2018-06-21 01:15:05 by Joey Seiler